Labor Day Feast and Yoga Love

Good Morning!

Hope everyone had a restful holiday and is ready to tackle the week.

My family and I ended up with an amazing fajita feast with all the trimmings.

Fajita goodness 🙂

Grilled flank steak with grilled veggies and home made guac and home made rice and beans

Even though I was crazy full after that plate, I went out to Frisco’s tap house here in Columbia to meet a few friends.

Forgot my camera so no pictures but I enjoyed my first pumpkin beer of the season 😀 Southern Tier’s Pumpking is like pumpkin pie in a glass (or goblet which it was served in last night) And then shared an orange cranberry bread pudding served with cranberry compote and creme anglaise. I wasn’t too big on the texture of this bread pudding (way too thick) but I loved the compote and how it reminded me of Thanksgiving.

Now I’m up and at ’em with a tasty bowl oats to fuel me through my first yoga class in …. I don’t even know how long.

TJ’s steel cut oats

organic skim milk


Fuji apple

cinnamon sprinkle

I’m doing the work thing tonight so I’ll get at you in the morning. Have a wonderful day!

Anyone else loving the pumpkin flavors for fall? Cannot wait for it to be socially acceptable to make pumpkin pie or my favorite pumpkin swirl cheesecake.


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Attempting a balance of clean eats, fitness, and a post grad real life job. #puttingonmybiggirlpants

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