Eating Through the Day

Hello all!

Had a bit of a late start to the day but I have been able to plow through most of the days to-dos.

I woke up to a grumbling tummy and quickly made my way to the kitchen for a tasty breakfast burrito filled with 1 egg, 2 egg whites, salsa, and refried beans served with a chocolate protein shake on the side.

After digesting I headed straight to the gym for some lifting and light stretching. Really excited to finish the last few workouts in stage 1 and progress to stage 2 of NROLW.

Today’s snack consisted of mixed nuts, fuji apple, and peach flavored chobani – all eaten in the car on the way to the optometrist so no pictures to share. (if only I could grow that 3rd hand then it would be so easy..) Thanks to Dad I found out about  Warby Parker and ordered  a couple paris of awesome glasses. They offer amazing quality prescription glasses and sunglasses with super trendy frames at only $95 a pair. Best thing about it is for every pair purchased the company donates a pair to someone in need. Absolutely love the customer service so far!

Random clean out the fridge lunch included a frozen turkey patty with quinoa and some peas and broccoli (of course with a generous dose of hot sauce)

Very much looking forward to a runner’s yoga class tonight! Stay tuned for tonight’s post about what clean eating means to me.

Anyone else dreading holiday shopping at the mall? Or were you super smart and have all your gifts taken care of?


About fitfoodnerd

Attempting a balance of clean eats, fitness, and a post grad real life job. #puttingonmybiggirlpants

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