Purple Friday!

Had a great start to the day with a 6am wake up call and a bowl of Arrowhead Mills French Toast cereal with a cup of 2% milk mixed with vanilla protein powder and boiled egg on the side (no picture because I was a bit of a zombie).

Can’t say that was my favorite cereal combo- the mix of lightly sweetened cereal and vanilla sweetened milk was a bit over the top. It did keep me satisfied through dropping off the little brother at school, a sweaty lifting session at the gym and getting ready to head out to my local Starbucks for some resume work and job hunting.

But I did pay for waiting too long to refuel after working out because this morning bun somehow made its way onto my table for snacking … I did forgo my favorite soy eggnog latte for an Americano with 1 splenda and a splash of whole milk to balance it out.

And am definitely looking forward to finishing off this creamy peanut butter chocolate protein bar – only 230kCal, 8g of fat, 23 g carbs, and a whopping 20g of protein all with being gluten and sugar free. It smells like a reeses cup but that’s where the candy comparison stops. I do enjoy it over other protein bars because it’s a blend of soy protein and whey protein so I feel like it has less of a chalky texture and I do love the more true flavor of peanut butter this bar offers.

Stay tuned this afternoon for a banana cake and cream cheese frosting treat – a little snack for me to bring over to tomorrow’s STAR WARS – ATHON!

PS- I’m loving all the purple I see in support of this weekend’s game against the Colts (not too worried about that one though with the Colts being winless this season..)


About fitfoodnerd

Attempting a balance of clean eats, fitness, and a post grad real life job. #puttingonmybiggirlpants

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