What Clean Eating Means to Me

Whoa so dark out already!

Though I am a graduate of culinary school and have been working in restaurants/bakeries since I as 16 I still consider myself a newcomer to ‘clean eating’. Let’s face it about 90% of my schooling was about rich and indulgent foods (which I enjoyed every minute of) and the other 10% covered maybe a couple classes on healthy cooking (and those experiences were filed away under “to be used at a later date … maybe”).

With that being said I seemed to have really tuned into the way Tosca Reno looks at maintaining a healthy lifestyle both through food and fitness. I am a fan of Oxygen Magazine, Clean Eating Magazine, and her Eat Clean cookbook series. Love all of the fitness/nutrition information, positive body talk, and “Go Girl!” messages- can be cheesy, but sometimes that’s what you need to hear to get moving 🙂

Tosca advocates making slow changes until you find that it’s just a natural part of your life. It’s not about calorie counting but just making sure that you eat food in its most natural state, 5-6 times a day, stay hydrated, and savor every delicious bite.

I’ve been reading Oxygen Magazine and Clean Eating Magazine the longest but would definitely like to explore the Eat Clean cookbook series a little further. I am also really inspired by Cooking Light and the way that they offer original healthy recipes that are super accessible to the home cook while also reinventing a few not so healthy favorites. Within the recent months I’ve picked up Clean Food and Clean Start by Terry Walters and unfortunately haven’t really delved into the recipes offered. Walters’ food philosophy also boils down to eating as minimally processed as possible while also keeping it seasonal and local. I can’t wait to jump in and create some of these tasty treats!

Again this is all a journey to find a balance between eating nutritiously, fueling my body for fitness, and occasional indulgences 🙂

Dinner tonight consisted of Mom’s specialty whole wheat penne with a spicy sausage tomato cream sauce with some caesar salad on the side. I wasn’t feeling my original plan of a big salad bowl with salmon and warmly welcomed Mom’s comfort food. I’ll probably definitely finish out the night with some cookie dough ice cream.

Now for some hip opening stretches (didn’t quite make it to the YMCA for that runners yoga class…) while watching my favorite Thursday night comedies – Parks and Recreation and The Office!

What diet/nutrition books are you guys loving right now?


About fitfoodnerd

Attempting a balance of clean eats, fitness, and a post grad real life job. #puttingonmybiggirlpants

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