NROLW Stage 1 Recap

Today was the final workout for the NROLW stage 1 (I wanted to take a pic of the weight and olympic bar I was lifting but felt pretty awkward around everyone else working out at 7am…) When I started this strength training program the week of Thanksgiving, I was unhappy with my fitness level and the way my body looked (Vain? Yes True? Yes).

I don’t have any starting measurements or starting weight because I totally felt uncomfortable knowing what those numbers were. At this point here are where my measurements stand:

Measurements After NROLW Stage 1

Left Calf 14.5 in           Waist 33 in
Right Calf 14.5 in        Bust 34 in
Left Thigh 22.5 in       Left Bicep 11 in
Right Thigh 22.5 in    Right Bicep 10.7 in
Hips 39.5 in

Again no starting pictures but here is my progress thus far:

I feel strong. I feel healthy. And (slowly but surely) my confidence in my body is increasing.

I enjoyed how the program was laid out with the ability to choose how many times to lift a week (not exceeding 3 sessions a week) and a predetermined number of sets and reps per workout that allowed you to push yourself harder at the end of the stage. I feel like I was able to challenge myself with each new workout – I was so proud when I was able to graduate from preloaded barbells for my deadlift to actually using a olympic bar with weights! Now if I could just make that transition with my squats … I feel like I may fall over when I step away with an unloaded olympic bar – any advice to conquer that obstacle?

There were pictures to accompany each move for the workout which definitely helped a strength training newbie such as myself. The only thing that I really wanted was someone with a little more knowledge to make sure I was using correct form. It’s one thing to see it in a book, read how to do it, then replicate it correctly in real life. I’m also very happy that this strength training program is seamlessly fitting into my half marathon training. If anything I feel like my legs are stronger and can carry me further more efficiently.

Can’t wait to start Stage 2 next week!

Any other fans of the NROLW? This is my second time around with this program. I only made it to stage four a couple of years ago but this time I’m determined to make it all the way through 🙂


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