Long Run Sunday and At Home Yoga

Good Morning All!

Today started off right with an epically successful 9 mile run. I fueled up with a NutriGrain Eggo topped with almond butter, and half a banana.

It was chilly starting out, but I loved how quiet the streets were. Of course on my way back everyone had woken up and gotten started on their day, making for more traffic to dodge than I wanted to. I finished strong and am very proud for sticking/increasing my pace 🙂

I came back and needed a good stretch so I whipped out my mat and this awesome little book detailing stretches and routines for specific for athletes – runners, cyclists, etc. I ended up following their 20 minute post run stretch routine: lots of pigeon and some interesting lower leg stretches. (achilles stretch? ok!)

I haven’t looked too much at the Women’s Health/Tara Stiles yoga how-to but I ended up picking both books up ages ago at Borders (RIP) so with the yoga and pilates classes on hiatus at my local YMCA I thought I would give some at home practice a try. I’ll let you guys know how these two books work but so far I’m really digging the Athlete’s Guide to Yoga.

After stretching it out I needed to fill my belly fast. Kodiak Cakes to the rescue!!!

This is my first time trying out the mix but since Kath raves about them I figured I couldn’t go wrong. Well… I did… Love the whole wheat aspect of the mix and flavor but man they were realllyyyy  thin. I will definitely cut the water in half next time to have a richer fluffier pancake.

The fact that they came out like crepes did not stop me from scarfing these suckers down. I added a sprinkle of chia and the rest of my banana to half of them then smeared some almond butter and apple butter on top. For some added protein I fried up a couple eggs. (Yes I did drink from the Pyrex measuring cup… and was promptly made fun of by Dad… but who needs to wash another cup…)

And now with a full belly I’m off to clean up and tackle some housework and errands for the day 🙂

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday so far!


About fitfoodnerd

Attempting a balance of clean eats, fitness, and a post grad real life job. #puttingonmybiggirlpants

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