Chilly Wednesday

Hello all! How has your Wednesday been?

It’s finally starting to feel like winter outside with chilly weather and some flurry action in the area. Today has been a pretty relaxing day at the house – just some tidying up around the house and organizing in my room to attend to.

Eats from the day:

PB&J oats with coffee

Veggie patty, roasted green beans, fuji apple, and honey chobani

Snack time!

Carrot/tomato pasta, balsamic drizzle, italian turkey zucchini pattys and more roasted green beans

Cookie dough ice cream with a crumbled Berger cookie 😀

I’m trying to use up a 2 pound bag of green beans so they will be making frequent appearances over the next few days 🙂

Before tackling my plates of dinner I had an awesome 5.5 mile tempo run with alternating miles at an incline while watching the Devil Wears Prada. It was scheduled to be a 6 miler but I never find that I need the full extra mile to cool down – I’d rather save that distance to go a little harder with my tempo or speed workout.

Now the rest of the evening will be spent finding some new nook material, digging into my new issue of Cooking Light, and waiting for some new Modern Family

What’s your take on cooling down after a run? I’ll definitely take some time to walk it out after running but it’s usually about half a mile.


About fitfoodnerd

Attempting a balance of clean eats, fitness, and a post grad real life job. #puttingonmybiggirlpants

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