Move It Monday: Half Marathon Training Plan

So this week marks my first rest week in my half marathon training plan so I thought I would take the time to layout the plan that I’m following to tackle a ~2 hour race this May.

I’ve only completed one other half marathon last October at the UnderArmour Running Festival in a grueling 2 hours and 18 minutes and that was with minimal training (bad idea…). Prior to that race I completed a 5k with Mom and was generally hot and cold with running. The real turning point came when I FINALLY got my first pair of Brooks running shoes (Thanks Dad!) and was able to run pain free – after that I was hooked.

Per Dad’s advice I looked up a training plan from Runner’s World and mapped out my runs. I started off strong and motivated but that quickly faded with the summer heat/humidity and an out of control work schedule. The plan was pretty straightforward with your week broken down between a couple of easy runs either a speed or tempo workout and a weekly long run. The training plan provides an attainable progression from week to week and, as long as your putting the appropriate work in, totally prepares you for whatever distance you’re looking to conquer. I totally recommend using this tool as a starting point to help fellow racing newbies 🙂

With this half marathon I used the Runner’s World training plan as inspiration while also working in some weight lifting from NROLW and some yoga. The first month was a lesson in perseverance for real … Yes my bum is burning from lifting weights yesterday but it’s time to pound the pavement. I took that attitude (to an extent – I didn’t want any injuries to sideline me) and made it through.

So my weekly runs look a little like this:

Sunday = long runs

Monday = REST! *I’ll usually try to do some foam rolling or at home yoga to recover*

Tuesday = easy run

Wednesday = easy run

Thursday = speed or tempo work *always hard but so worth it in the end*

Friday = easy run

Saturday = REST!

Without any set weight lifting regimen, this training plan is pretty flexible to change around with your real life schedule. I find it harder to shuffle around workouts when I’m juggling running and lifting but that’s another post for next week.

Where do you guys get your training plans/advice? Who else has used the Runner’s World training plans? I am by no means an expert at running or training/preparing for races but I’m slowly figuring out what works for me and would love to hear what other options are out there 🙂


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