Listen or Push

With that tasty breakfast I was more than ready to knock out that housework. Confession – I had Teen Mom 2 playing in the background … So much drama but I couldn’t look away.

When lunchtime came around I was feeling snacky and put together a plate of pickles, Laughing cow swiss cheese, carrots and yogurt ranch dip, and a peanut butter sandwich.

My 6 mile tempo run quickly became a 3.5 mile tempo run due to a coughing fit that just would not stop. I listened to my body these past few days and have taken it easy on the cardio front so I would be ready to push hard tonight. Again I listened to my body and cut the run short for the sake of my lungs not making an appearance outside of my body.

In the past I would have been hung up on not meeting my goal and not hitting that scheduled number of miles. But now it’s all about keeping in tune with my body – with both fitness and food- and making sure to listen or push as needed. This is, of course, a work in progress so I would call today a win.

My dinner ended up a visual fail (so no picture) but tasty win. Just a random mix of stuff in the fridge – brown rice, meatballs, marinara, and steamed kale.

I have a heavy (well heavy for me) post scheduled for tomorrow morning and I’m totally nervous to hit that publish button … I’m just not sure how it will be received :/ I’ve told myself that this blog will be a space to express whatever I want so this next post is me walking the walk/talking the talk/and all that great stuff.

Anyone else guiltily watching Teen Mom 2? (other reality tv show confessions also welcome) – I don’t know what it is about their stories that draws me in so I can’t turn the tv off but it definitely made for interesting background noise for my house work.


About fitfoodnerd

Attempting a balance of clean eats, fitness, and a post grad real life job. #puttingonmybiggirlpants

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