Friday! Friday! Friday!

Wow – I was so nervous to publish that post but now that it’s out there it feels damn good. I’m not ashamed of my proclamation but I don’t want the post to come off as whiny “whoa is me” because I am by no means complaining about my life. I have rich relationships with both my family and the boyfriend’s family and I love the boyfriend to pieces. It’s just that boys weren’t built for girl talk (I know – crazy but true) and now that I’m in my 20s I feel like I’ve gotten to the bottom of why my occasional buddies haven’t made it to the level of true blue BFF. I’ll wrap it up there and publish my Part 2 – Solving the Lack of BFFness later tomorrow.

Getting back to today!

It was one of those I’m going to hit the snooze button 209432374839 times and totally miss my alarm mornings. You can’t help it when it looks like this outside…

Rainy and thunderous weather has this little lady running scared and following me everywhere I go. My own mini furry shadow I guess.

Old picture but it's a rare occasion when she looks at the camera

Breakfast was just a redo of yesterday with some kale added into the scramble. Breakfast of champions fo’ sho’.

I don’t know what got into me today but I hit my house from top to bottom in a cleaning/organizing frenzy. Totally out of character …

It could be chalked up to my anticipation for the official offer letter for my new job! Which is now happily sitting in my inbox 🙂

Before lunch was served I decided that I needed some hummus in my life so that was quickly blended up to accompany another snacky style lunch. Just not really inspired when it comes to my midday meal lately :/

Super delicious nonetheless – Veggie patty wiht mustard, my homemade hummus with mini sweet peppers for dipping and (yes) more Laughing Cow swiss cheese with some wasa style crackers.

I’m not sure what the night will bring but I hope everyone has an awesome Friday night!

PS – I’ve been loving Kimbra‘s channel on Spotify. If you love a cool slightly jazzy indie influenced style check her out. She’s been on repeat allll day long 😀

What music have you been playing on repeat lately?


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Attempting a balance of clean eats, fitness, and a post grad real life job. #puttingonmybiggirlpants

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