I Have a Fever

… spring fever and the only cure is more gorgeous weather!

This furry fren isn’t complaining either 🙂

I’ve been absent from the interwebz for a couple of days just re-thinking about the whole post at least once a day blog goal I had for myself.

Somedays there just isn’t a whole lot I want to post about – and I’m ok with that. Not everyday is going to be superfantasticawesome where I did tons of cool activities that I want to share – and that’s cool too.

If I have a rocking run – I’ll share it.

If I kickass in the weight room – I’ll share it.

If I eat something that is todiefor – I’ll definitely share it.

If I just want to talk about books, or tv, or random whatnots – I’ll (for better or worse) share it.

I’ve been out of work for a couple of months, experienced some personal ups and downs, but now have some great opportunities coming up that I’ll be more than happy to write about here. But I don’t need to feel guilty or put pressure on myself to compete or measure up to anyone else on the interwebz. This is just something that, for now, I want to keep up for fun and who knows where this lil’ ol’ blog will end up in the future.

Until the next post enjoy this gratuitous picture of my morning bowl of oatmeal 🙂


About fitfoodnerd

Attempting a balance of clean eats, fitness, and a post grad real life job. #puttingonmybiggirlpants

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