“Playing the Game”

I have never heard that phrase more often than I did in Tuesday’s episode of NBC’s The Biggest Loser.

Since season 1, I’ve enjoyed watching people go for it and make the commitment to take charge of their health and their lives. And – sure – the contestants, the challenges, and even the trainers change from season to season but I kept coming back for a 2 hour dose of feel good motivation.

I love cheering on the contestant who finally gets into their goal weight range for that week or taps into what emotional issues have been holding them back (and yes – a few tears have been shed throughout the seasons). There’s usually one contestant I can get behind and root for until the season finale – but this season has me reluctant to stick it out until the end.

As I said before “playing the game” (whatever that means) has come up more than I can count and that is pretty very irksome. I totally understand that, in the end, it’s all about the Benjamins baby and in that pressure filled/emotionally charged environment you have to do what it takes to get said Benjamins.

But I don’t want to watch paranoid, selfish, and downright mean contestants – how can you not celebrate fellow contestants’ accomplishments and hard work at home to get back onto the ranch??? I want to be able to get behind the contestants but so far I’m finding some mean girls and bullies.

I probably will keep The Biggest Loser in my TV rotation in the hopes that, as the season continues, health and fitness will trump the drama and I can once again count on my weekly  2 hour dose of feel good motivation.

Any other The Biggest Loser fans disappointed with this season so far? With all of that ranting, I am glad that there’s now a  designated nutritionist that appears regularly. Kind of like the face to the food side of healthy living 🙂


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Attempting a balance of clean eats, fitness, and a post grad real life job. #puttingonmybiggirlpants

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