NROLW Stage 2 Recap

I finally finished Stage 2 at the end of last week and have some time to review my experience.

I finished Stage 1 (you can read my recap here) around mid-December and felt super successful – being able to get through this weight lifting regime while balancing my half marathon training was pretty empowering.

With Stage 2 I started off strong and motivated but that definitely fizzled out. I became a little too flexible with my workout schedule and a little too generous with my “treat meals”. Couple those with illness that took me out of the fitness game for a little over a week and I felt like Stage 2 dragggeed on.

By the time I felt well enough to finish my last two workouts I felt a little weaker (in regards to how much I was lifting and how hard I could push myself) than before I had gotten sick. That put a damper on my motivation so I just kind of phoned it in for those last couple of workouts – especially for the core work. I know it’s important and (obviously) beneficial to strengthen your core but it’s my weakest area and I can’t really get into doing the work.

With all of those obstacles (both self made and out of my control) I was still able to make progress in my measurements.

Left Calf – 14.75 in                       Waist – 32.25 in

Right Calf – 14.75 in                     Bust – 33.6 in

Left Thigh – 21.3 in                      Right Bicep – 10.75 in

Right Thigh – 21.25 in                  Left Bicep – 10.7 in

Hips – 39.4 in

Here is my progress in pictures at the end of Stage 2

There’s some change between Stage 1 pictures and these recent pictures …  kind of … maybe

The number on the scale has also sort of – kind of changed – but I don’t put too much stock in what the scale says. I understand that there are so many outside factors that can cause my weight to fluctuate on a daily basis (hello PMS and water bloat) not to mention that muscle is a bit heavier than fat. But there is still that allure to be at or below a certain number …

With Stage 3 I have the added element of a job to balance along with half marathon training – but I’m totally excited to see how this next Stage furthers my fitness 🙂

Any tips for keeping the fitness morale and motivation up after coming back fr oman illness or injury?


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Attempting a balance of clean eats, fitness, and a post grad real life job. #puttingonmybiggirlpants

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