Start it Right

Oh hi there.

I hope everyone’s had a good start to the week 🙂 This is the last week of training and the last couple of days have been filled with studying and preparing my presentation. I’m presenting my information as a race with water stations #runnerd

I have to say I kind of feel like I’m back in school with all of this homework.

My week has started off right thanks to my quick set up on Sunday.

Planning meals and workouts for the week keeps me on track and takes tons of stress and thinking out of the equation. Another time saver is cooking big batches of some favorite clean eats that I can grab quickly throughout the week.

Smoky vegan black bean dip

Wild rice

Apple/almond protein muffins

Some recipes were delicious (smoky black bean dip FTW! recipe coming soon!) and others were just meh (the apple almond protein muffins were a little dry). Another time saver that ensures I have plenty of clean eats during the day is packing my food the night before – so I’m off to get my breakfast, lunch, and snacks together.

How do you make clean eating work for you during the week? 


About fitfoodnerd

Attempting a balance of clean eats, fitness, and a post grad real life job. #puttingonmybiggirlpants

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