My name is Alex and this is a little part of the internet that I like to call home. I graduated with my BS in Food & Beverage Service Management in 2010 and now I’m looking to explore a not so secret interest in the nutrition/fitness world. I will be going back to school for nutrition with the end goal of becoming a Registered Dietitian. 😀

After gaining a little more than the freshman 15 in school (it’s kind of hard not to in culinary/hospitality school…) and continuing some bad habits post graduation I’m ready to take charge and change my body.

I’m diving head first into fitness and clean eating for a revamped lifestyle and this is where I’d like to keep myself accountable for following through with these changes.

Expect to see some sweaty gym photos, awesomely delicious recipes (healthy and otherwise), and some nerdy moments about comics, tv, movies, etc.

Thanks for spending some time here. I’m new to this blog game so please comment/email/tweet your recommendations, thoughts, etc 🙂


  1. stephani renbaum

    Hi Alex-

    I am working with the Maryland Half Marathon and would like to talk with you about helping us to promote the race via your blog and a possible partnership. Please email me back so we can continue this conversation. Thanks!


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