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Holiday Monday

What a Sunday… Though we ended up extending the playoff run with a win over the Houston Texans, the Baltimore Ravens made it a difficult win and I’m pretty sure shaved a few years off of my life 😉

Aside from the sloppy game my Sunday was filled with some of my favorite things

Running an awesome 9 miles – I had 11 planned but got started a little later than expected and needed to meet at the boyfriend’s house at a certain time.

Trying out a new recipe (which I’m still tweaking so look out for it later this week) for protein pancakes

Chocolate chia protein pancakes with a smear of Crofter’s jam and banana (half on the plate to be photographed because the other half was quickly scarfed down)

And making a new puppy fren 😀 Scarlett!!! She loves beer

and snuggles!

Today has started off splendidly with a “fried” egg/2 egg white and toast with best life “butter” spread and Crofter’s jam

I’m now posted up at the local B&N (along with tons of high school students and tutors talking calculus…) tackling more job applications and some school details with these snacks to tide me over until lunch.

I am beyond excited to have finally found the new Chobani flavors at the grocery store this weekend!

What does everyone have planned for this holiday Monday?